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"Studying at FTTC was a memorable experience... the course allowed me to apply

what I've learnt in class to a real work setting and that hands-on experience helped

me develop my career"

Wael Mossad -Transport and Clearance Specialist, Schneider Electric

Former trainee of FTTC Supply Chain Managment Programme


"Trade Information Analysis Programme was really of a great benefit for me.

I learnt about several new markets that can be penetrated ... while the more remarkable

added value is my ability to set a timely export plan for my company"

Hany Fathy - Export Specialist, Medical Union Pharmaceuticals

Trade Information Analysis Prgramme , Basic Course,  Business English


"The programme enabled me to be aware of the Egyptian Customs ... export

procedures and freight forwarding ... and other essential elements in the export process"

Engy Mansour - Export Coordinator , Sakr Group

 Qualified Export Specialist Programme - UK


"I enjoyed UCP 600 Programme as I learnt about LCs, its different kinds, and differences

between UCP 500 and UCP 600 ... a benefit for me in my work"

Heba Kassem - Logistics Executive, ALL SEEDS Co.

UCP 600 Programme





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